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The story follows Aby, a girl, whose mother died while giving birth to her.

Aby wanders through her subconscious mind in hope

of freeing herself from the guilt that has absorbed her.

The main aim of the game is to help Aby overcome depression

and come out into the happier chapter of her life

by navigating through the challenges in her subconscious mind.

Aby will encounter a wide variety of obstacles and special platforms. Each platform has its own properties such as jump block, slow effect, teleport etc.

Our game presents a unique art style aside from the majority of indie games that are released these days. Whereas most focus on pixel art we’ve decided to try something different. We focused on atmospheric backgrounds with unique fantasy-like looks.

2018 Indie Prize Finalist.


Help Aby to build her path through her subconscious mind and overcome the challenges that lie ahead in this fascinating  puzzle adventure.


What if Rayman Run combined with Tetris? Lull Aby!

Lull Aby: dreamland adventure — a charming puzzle adventure with unique game mechanics, enchanting atmosphere and thoughtful plot related to a vital social issue. 

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